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Deliverance Articles and Forms:
  • Attacks on Those Ministering Deliverance: If you are a deliverance minister, how do you know when you are under attack during a session? This tremendously important article by Deliverance Minister Don Rogers of Spiritual Warfare Ministries, Inc. will give you experienced insights so you'll know when you're experiencing a counter attack and what to do about it!

  • Why Is There Resistance When Ministering Deliverance? Deliverance Minister Don Rogers explains from his own experience some of the reasons that might cause deliverance ministers to experience resistance and hindrances during their delivery sessions.

  • Basics of Deliverance Course Syllabus: (PDF format) This is a complete copy of the 70+ page course syllabus constructed by Pastor Ron Barnes for use with the Basics of Deliverance training seminars. The seminar is based on the 2001 Deliverance Conference conducted by C. Peter Wagner in Colorado Springs, CO. This represents 10+ hours of indepth training for deliverance workers!

  • Breaking Generational Curses: Another insightful article by Deliverance Minister Don Rogers explaining the whys and hows of generational curses: why they come, how they operate and how to exercise our authority in Christ to break them! (PDF format)

  • Possible Evidence of Spiritual Oppression: A bulleted list of possible symptoms and signs that a person may be spiritually oppressed and in need of deliverance ministry. Created by Minister Don Rogers of Spiritual Warfare Ministries, Inc.

  • Warrior's Training Seminar: This is a PDF of a Power Point presentation used in one of Pastor Ron Barnes Deliverance Training seminars. It is from the 6-session "Warrior's Training" seminar for those interested in learning more about Deliverance and Spiritual warfare.


  • Family Tree Form: (PDF format) This is a form that can be used to identify curses and strongholds that are operating in your family bloodline. The form is complete with instructions and explanations on how to use it. Can be used for personal use or for counseling of others.

  • Occult Work Sheet: (PDF format) A simple worksheet that aids in identifying spiritual problems that result from occult involvement. Includes definitions of many occult-related terms found in the Bible.

  • Personal Intake Form (PDF format): Another helpful deliverance counseling form by Christian Healing Ministries, Inc. that can be used by a deliverance counselor for interviewing a counselee.
Emotional Healing Articles:
  • Inner Healing Prayer: A most wonderful article on the workings and need for Inner Healing Prayer; what it is, how it works, and why every Christian Ministry needs to excel in it. One of many compassionate articles from the UK's Walking Wounded ministry ( A Must Visit site for prayer counselors!

  • Have You Negatively Judged Another's Heart? A bulleted, concise article that will help believers identify the signs that they have negatively judged someone who has offended them. Powerful article for those believers who want to forgive so they can be forgiven by God! (Author unknown)

  • The Spirit of Rejection: A truly anointed, insightful article by Pastor Ron Wood of Touched By Grace Ministries about the Spirit of Rejection; what it is, what it does, how to recognize it and what to do about it!

  • Dealing With Insecurity: A very strong article on the stronghold of insecurity by Joe Fauss, International Director of Calvary Commission

  • Dealing With Rebellion: A very comprehensive message by Pastor Eugene Harder of New Hope Community Church. Especially insightful for parents!

  • Defense Mechanisms: How do you respond when challenged? React under pressure? You may have some unhealed emotional wounds that you are unconsciously protecting; your defense mechanisms will always tell, and this plain spoken list will help you recognize them!

  • Coping With Death: An insightful, simple revelation of what a person goes through when dealing with death, and suggestions of how to personally cope with death, grief and loss.

  • Bi-Polar vs. Depression: A clearly written secular article that outlines the difference between depression and the bi-polar condition. (PDF format - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

  • Introduction to Self-Injury: Cutting and self-injury is happening among teens and adults alike in an epidemic proportion. This article by Battle Cry Ministries ( addresses this most serious and sensitive issue with understanding, insight and scriptural wisdom. This is a MUST READ article if you are a cutter or know someone who is a cutter. We pray it will be a blessing to you!
Prayer and Prophecy articles:
  • The "70 Weeks" of Daniel: An insightful article that reveals exactly how and when the "70 weeks" prophecy of Daniel 9:24-26 was fulfilled.

  • Discernment, Criticism or Judgement? How often have you dealt with someone who passed off criticism and judgement as discernment and prophecy? This wonderful article will help you understand why it happens, what is the difference and how discernment it is supposed to work in the kingdom of God. A Wonderful article by Carlotta Waldmann of CrossWalk Life, Inc.

  • 4 Keys To Hearing God: Dr. Mark Virkler shares his struggles to hear the voice of God, and the four keys that led to his eventual breakthrough in this most important area of our relationship with God. This testimony of one believer's hunger and discovery of God's voice has led thousands of believers to a similar break through. Dr. Virkler gaurantees that you can be one of them!

  • How Did I Learn To Hear God's Voice? This no-nonsense, step-by-step article by Carlotta Waldmann shares she process she experienced in learning how to hear God's voice in her life. Easy to comprehend, full of scriptures and insights, the revelation in this article will aide any hungry believer in their search to hear the voice of their Heavenly Father and open to the door to the blessing of the prophetic giftings and the revelation of God.

  • A Daily Morning Prayer Ritual for Satanic Abuse Survivors: This prayer ritual, constructed by Dr. Alice Moody and her C.A.R.E. Staff ( is designed specifically to meet the spiritual needs of those who are recovering from satanic ritual abuse. A powerful, Biblically-based prayer process!

  • Breaking Satanic or Cult Dedication or Covenants: A simple, direct prayer for breaking satanic vows, cultic dedications and demonic covenants.
Articles by Christian Ministers:
  • The Purpose Of Life:  A very insightful article on the god-given purpose of life by Pastor Rick Warren, the author of the book, "The Purpose-Driven Life" and "The Purpose-Driven Church".

  • What Do You Know? An inspiring message by Pastor Ron Barnes to the 2004 graduating class of the Christian Faith World Ministries Theological University.

  • A Prayer Alert to the Body of Christ! This letter is addressed to America's Christians regarding what the Lord is saying to us through national intercessors. Pastor Dutch Sheets is a nationally known intercessor for America who has trained millions of believers how to pray effectively and hear from the Lord. This rare, 2006 letter of insight and appeal will inform you on the spiritual state of the U.S., the current warfare over our government, and what the Body ought to be praying about in the war for our nation's spiritual heritage!

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