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 Pastor Ron's Weblog 

 Welcome to my weblog page; enter at your own risk! (smile) It is my hope that through this weblog I can wisely  and regularly share with you my thoughts, experiences, history and insights with ministry and the Lord God as I feel led to. I pray that this weblog will help you to better understand and empathize with the regular experiences of an everyday minister of the gospel. (I will particularly emphasize my deliverance experiences here.) Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments with me concerning what you read here. I will try to be as transparent as wisdom and common sense allow. You are encouraged to sign up so that you may be notified of the most current additions. It's going to be interesting!

Note: You may notice that there is a date next to many entries. This shows exactly when this entry was originally created; as I've recently changed the weblog format and transferred all entries, I wanted to show when they were first written. All future entries will not require this small note. One day, they will all be entered into a book... God bless and enjoy!


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